Screen Printing

Underground Expressions has a state of the art screen printing department. Our experienced and quality driven staff will ensure your order will be processed quickly and correctly.

We are experts at solving challenging prints. If you have any questions contact us and we will be happy to help.

The Process

1.Art for screenprinting

First we start with an art design idea. The idea is given to our in house artist to produce a computer generated form of the design. Then the design is approved by the customer via email or stopping by the shop for an in person approval.

2. Art production for screen printing

Once the design has been approved by the customer, the artist will separate the art into it’s color separations if it’s a multiple color art design. The design is then printed on individual film positives.

3. Film positives onto screens for printing.

Each color separation is burned into individual screens. The screen printer then applies the corresponding ink color to the screen (s) and reproduces the design on your garments.

4. Curing process

The garment is then sent down a special dryer that cures the ink. One of the staff then inspects the garment and checks quality. If the garment meets our quality standards its packaged up and the customer is notified of the completion of their order.

Click here to view video demonstrations of our screen printing process.

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