With many years of experience and quality equipment, we are capable of reproducing your company logo or custom design on a variety of garments, hats, polos, jackets, and other select items.
As with our printing process we are able to produce one garment or hundreds to meet your needs.

Underground Expressions has two basic stitch types we offer:

  1. The first is a satin stitch. This stitch, like it’s name, tends to reflect a soft yet bright color much like satin does. Satin stitches common uses: Smaller designs usually 2” or smaller. Satin stitch tends to have fewer stitches, thus making it a more economical embroidery method.
  2. The second is the step satin stitch. This stitching method is made up of smaller stitches that fill in larger areas better. Step-satin common uses: bigger designs usually 3” or larger. Step-satin stitches help with snagging or separations of stitches on larger designs.


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